FR44 Car Insurance Policy Discounts

A car insurance policy with the FR44 filing included has the same discounts available as one without the filing and that is welcomed news for drivers with a DUI. High liability limits, paying in full upfront, and prior insurance are significant discounts that combine to substantially reduce the premium that you pay. Polices like these are often less expensive than ones that have minimum coverage and are paid for in monthly installments.

The category of drivers that maintain higher liability limits, continuous insurance without a lapse, and paying for their policy in full are proven to have less claims than other driver groups. Naturally, this allows insurance companies to reduce premiums and compete more aggressively for this type of business. These discounts are designed to reward drivers who voluntarily maintain insurance with high limits and pay in full. Even though you are required by the FR44 law to maintain these types of policies instead of voulataily doing so you are still eligible for all the discounts.

And now you’re part of the group that is very profitable for the insurance company so you should be treated that way. Their are agents and companies providing FR44 insurance that do exactly that. So if you’re not getting the service you deserve from your current company, agent or someone new keep shopping till you’re satisfied. Get rate quote comparisons from several companies and agents before you buy. There is no difference in the shopping around process to get low rates for policies with the FR44 filing than those without. Good luck!

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