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Florida Auto Plus Insurance Family owned, father and son insurance agency with over 100 Five Star Reviews on Google.
Tina Chassy
Tina Chassy
16:47 20 Mar 19
My renewal recently came up with my auto coverage through a different agency. I had previously decided to switch agents. I specifically wanted to go with a family owned business. I look for these type of offices for all my needs including dental, doctor, etc. I called and spoke with Andrew who really took his time to help me understand the process and options that I have. I have never had someone assist me like that before. He honestly wanted to get me the best pricing AND coverage. This is very rare in this day and age. Especially in the insurance field. Of course I decided to switch and come to this agency. He has returned every call, replied to every text, and responded to every email. I am well pleased. I recommend this agency. 🙂read more
Samantha Francescutti
Samantha Francescutti
00:57 19 Mar 19
Andrew is an awesome insurance agent. He helped me approximately 2 years ago and is still continuing to help me. Every time I call him he is always so helpful, and he always answers the phone. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about his job. I recommend him to everyone. Well job my friend keep up the good work!read more
Teresa Spotts
Teresa Spotts
16:30 17 Mar 19
I'm extremely happy with my new found Insurance company!!! Andrew was Amazing at helping me find a great price for my Insurance needs! He explained things about Insurance that I never knew & stayed on the phone with me after hours to make sure I was covered that day!!! I could not have asked for better service!!! Thank you so much!!! I'm so glad I found my new car Insurance home!!!read more
Vanessa Schaefer
Vanessa Schaefer
01:00 15 Mar 19
Exceptional service! Got me an awesome deal, even better than what I was expecting. Andrew was super knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I will definitely be sticking with him from now on!read more
jessika arcaya
jessika arcaya
21:23 14 Feb 19
We have been customers since 2016 and we absolutely feel like we are part of the family. My husband and I are not only happy with the price (much lower than we were paying before), but the customer service is incredible as well. Andrew and his father Cliff are an awesome team and we plan on being customers for life. I highly reccomend them to anyone that needs help with Florida car insurance!read more
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About Florida FR44 Insurance

My name is Clifford J Schimek and I am the licensed agent that started this family owned and operated insurance agency in 1995. I have been advising the public and insurance professionals about Florida FR44 insurance since this requirement began in 2007. My passion for helping is rooted in the fact that only a small amount of alcohol puts drivers over the limit, and law enforcement can be very aggressive in pursuit of a conviction.

Most people are completely surprised when events unrelated to bad driving are the reason they were confronted by police about drinking. Prime examples are being trapped by a DUI checkpoint, having a not at fault accident, and being pulled over for a seemingly insignificant reason. You might have been completely shocked if you were nowhere near your car when it happened. There have been citations issued to people mounted on horseback, paddling a canoe, riding a bicycle, and just walking with car keys in their pocket. A DUI does not make you a criminal.

Obtaining Florida FR44 insurance can be aggravating because many insurance agents and companies are unfamiliar or unwilling to help you. All of the content on this site is prepared exclusively by me. In addition, I have published articles that have been viewed and relied upon by consumers and professionals alike since 2007. I am available by phone to answer your questions or provide a free quote.
As an authorized independent agent I work for you and not the company. Call me.

Clifford Schimek, Agent/Owner

“This is what I do when you call”

Give the time and attention you deserve.
Value and accept you without judgment.
Quote lowest rates with top rated companies.
Provide proof of insurance and filing immediately.

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FR44 Insurance Companies In Florida

Many companies discourage or refuse to accept new customers who have received a DUI. Others will cancel or non renew their existing policyholders. “Like a good neighbor” (StateFarm) and “You’re in good hands” (Allstate) will not provide a policy with the FR44 filing. You won’t be rejected or hassled here. As an independent agent, I represent a variety of companies that are accepting FR44 insurance policies without any problems.

Calling me directly is the best way I can assist you!

CALL TODAY 305-278-1388

Bristol West Insurance Company

was founded on June 12, 1952 by Edward J. Frey, Edward L. Stoddard, and several other investors. Bristol West was acquired by Farmers Insurance Group on March 12, 2000. Bristol West will accept a wide variety of vehicle types and drivers, including those with a currently suspended license. State filings (FR44 and SR22) are completed at point of sale. Payment plans are available for FR44 policies at renewal.

Infinity Insurance Company

A top leader in quality insurance services and products since 1950 and was acquired by Kemper Corp in June of 2018. Infinity Insurance Company consistently receives high ratings for financial strength by all the reputable rating agencies. The company does not allow for a non owner policy.


This company does not offer this type of policy, and they do not offer BI higher than 10/20 for any policy. However, they do offer SR22 owners policies.


has discontinued offering these policies.


in limited circumstances will offer a policy to existing customers.

Progressive Insurance Company

was started on March 10, 1937 by two lawyers named Joseph Lewis and Jack Green. It became a publicly traded company in 1971. Like Bristol West, Progressive is a very flexible company and will offer policies to many types of drivers and vehicles. Policies can be written for a driver when their license is suspended and filings are electronically submitted at point of sale.

United Auto Insurance Company

was incorporated on March 2, 1989 in Miami Gardens, Florida to provide a high quality and low cost insurance product to the non-standard automobile insurance market. The company is family owned, and it is one of the largest privately held property and casualty insurance companies in the United States. This is the only company that will extend a payment plan to FR44 policies in limited circumstances. Furthermore, they are also the only insurance company that will allow for excluded drivers on FR44 policies, in addition to providing non owner policies.

Allstate, State Farm, Mercury and Travelers

do not offer these policies and will cancel current policyholders who require FR44 insurance.

FR44 Insurance Frequently Asked Questions
Can I purchase just the filing and nothing else?2019-03-28T04:29:12+00:00

No; however, if you do not have a vehicle to insure, you can still comply with the state’s requirements by purchasing a non owners policy. You are only eligible for this type of policy if you have no vehicles registered to you and do not operate any vehicle regularly.

Where can I find my FR44 case number?2019-03-28T04:28:38+00:00

Look here: Online driver license check. (https://www.services.flhsmv.gov/DLCheck/)
If your license is currently suspended you will see a FR (financial responsibility) suspension with a 9 digit number that begins with a 4. This is you case number. As soon as the state electronically receives the filing from your company and you reinstate your license, your status will show as ‘valid’ and you will no longer see your case number. Always contact the DMV first to ask when you can remove the filing.

Are companies offering these policies with a monthly payment plan?2019-03-28T04:27:53+00:00

Companies demand payment in full upfront since they are not allowed to cancel a policy after 60 days from the effective date.

Which companies offer cheap Florida FR44 insurance?2019-03-28T04:26:02+00:00

There are several that compete for this business with low rates and excellent service. The only way to find out the best one for you is to obtain quotes from different companies and compare.

How will I know when my requirement is no longer needed?2019-03-28T04:07:26+00:00

The best way to find out is to contact the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles and have them tell you the exact date your requirement ends. I recommend contacting DMV by email. (www3.flhsmv.gov/DDL/CQS/) so you have their response in writing. Choose the “insurance suspension” option, and submit your question directly to the DMV. Removing a filing prematurely will suspend your license so always check first.

What are the insurance requirements for a policy to qualify?2019-03-28T04:06:54+00:00

The minimum amounts are $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident of Bodily Injury Liability and $50,000 of Property Damage Liability. The policy must be provided by a Florida insurance company.

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